the edible landscape

The goal of this project was to create an edible landscape and pollinator oasis. We planted a variety of fruit trees and shrubs including Mexican Plum, Pineapple Guava, Meyer Lemon, Satsuma, and blackberry. Tucked throughout the front and backyards are edible and medicinal perennial plants for sun and shade gardens. For example, in our sun garden we planted lemon grass, lemon balm, aloe, rosemary, echinacea. We also installed raised steel trough planters for vegetable and herb production in close proximity to the front door. In the areas with dappled sun we planted hoja santa, oregano, cinnamon ginger, american beautyberry, and turks cap. To support the fruit production all plantings had complimentary native plants nearby to attract native pollinators. 

In order to build nutrient rich soil, we elected to go without plastic weed barrier, using the “sheet mulching” method to convert grass to mulched garden beds. This method requires patience, and maintenance of the weeds that eventually emerge. But the outcome is exponentially beneficial for plant health, soil building, and food production.